Voice Activated Telephone Dialer

Perfect For People With Vision Impairments Or Diminished Motion Control!

           Let the dialer do the work for you!


           "I received the 'dialer', thank you very much. I felt compelled to let you know that you have given my 83 yr old mother a new sense of independance. She has macular, and can not use/see her keypad anymore, so this device is fantastic. She still lives at home, so this communication tool is awesome.

Voice Activated AP5000 Telephone Dialer
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This Voice Activated Telephone Dialer is a very easy unit to program and use. Voice prompts guide you through the programming and dialing process. When you pick up a handset, push the TALK button on a cordless phone, or press the SPEAKER button on a speakerphone, the dialer will automatically ask you "NAME TO DIAL". You just tell it the name and the dialer will call the number.It will hold 60 numbers.  If you want to manually dail a number, just hit any key other than the # key to get a dial tone. To enter the programming mode, just press the # key at the "NAME TO DIAL " prompt. Be sure to use the voice of the person who will be using the unit.  We suggest using two names like Susan Johnson to give the dialer help in detecting the right person.  The voice dialer is easily installed between the telephone and the wall jack; just like an answering machine. Once you have taken the time to program this product placing a phone call to a family member, friend, or business will be made so much easier! Just pick up the handset and the phone will automatically ask you what name to dial. You just "tell" the phone what name to dial without ever having to push a button!


Simple To Use: Simply Connect the Vocally Voice Activated Dialer between your phone and the phone line. That's it. Just like you would connect an answer machine.

Easy To Program: The Vocally Voice Activated Dialer verbally prompts you and guides you through the one-time programming sequence.

60 Name Memory Capability: You can program up to 60 names and phone numbers into the dialer for voice recognition recall.

Works With All Types Of Phones (including Ameriphone RC200): Just pick up the handset on your conventional phone, push the "SPEAKER" button on your speakerphone or push the "TALK" button on your cordless phone and the Vocally Voice Activated Dialer will ask you "What Name To Dial?".

Want To Dial A Number Not In Memory?: Just hit any key after the "Name To Dial" prompt to get a dialtone then manually dial your number.

Manufacturer limited one year warranty when used in US and Canada.

This item must ship via UPS.

This dialer is not compatible with digital telephones.

Digital Phone Service is another name given to VoIP services. VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol. Rather than sending information over your phone line to other phones like traditional land line service, digital phone service sends and receives calls through the Internet.