Seating Comfort

Position and assist your body to minimize mechanical stresses.

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Toasty Toes
Personal Heater
Ergonomic Foot Res
foot rest  
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SitBack Rest
Hug Your Back In Comfort
sitback backrest  
SlimRest Cushion
For Those With A Shallow Lumbar Curve
slimrest backrest
Lobak Rest
A Simple And Inexpensive Solution
For Seating Comfort
NadaChair Back-Up
Back-Up® Your Discs
With Our User Friendly Softwear!
Nada Chair Sit-Pack
Combines a Fanny Pack with a Back Support
NadaChair S'Port-A-Pack
Combines a Fanny Pack with a Back Support
Nada Chair S'port-Backer
Light & Portable-Perfect For Travel
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