Environmental Policies

Environmental Policy

We try to operate our business with a focus toward environmental stewardship. Environmental concerns are not a matter of political correctness, but rather a matter of common sense. For our species to continue on as a disposable culture, running out of space to store our throw away items, seems simply irresponsible. For us to conduct business with little regard to the pollutants that make their way into our ground water and oceans, so that we must be concerned about the water we drink or the fish we eat, seems simply foolish. To pollute our air, to the point where hiking in our National Forests can make your throat sore and sting your eyes, seems purely self destructive. We strive to maintain an awareness of these concerns.

We do several things to minimize our impact on the environment. Whenever possible, our packing materials are comprised of biodegradable products, such as starch filler or wood based paper products. If you notice non-starch filler, it is recycled polystyrene. Our paper products are from recycled paper products. Our bubble wrap has the highest recycled material content available.

We hope that our customers will also be part of the solution, by recycling and supporting businesses that try to protect the environment. We further ask that if you have more ideas as to how we can do a better job of planet stewardship, that you will contact us.

             Thank you,

                  Don & Sheila Swartz