"Take the airplane without the ear pain".

Adult size out of stock- Children's size available.

Children's Earplanes

EarPlanes are disposable, air pressure regulating ear plugs developed by the House Ear Institute, the leading institute in hearing research and ear surgery, and tested by the US Navy. The ear pain many travelers experience during take-offs and landing is caused by rapid changes of air pressure on the eardrum. EarPlanes slow the rate of air pressure changes There are 42 million passangers each year who report suffering ear pain or discomfort. Picking up a set of EarPlanes is a simple, convenient solution to this problem.

Please Note: Earplanes come in two sizes. If you wish the smaller size, for children 1 year old through 11 years old, please choose "Child". Otherwise, we will send the "Adult" size for people 12 years old and up. Due to hygiene issues, this item is not returnable unless defective.



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