Carson Copiter Connectables

Connectables are a set of 3 precision magnifiers you can clip-on any medical, cosmetic, or craft tool. Crystal clear, light weight acrylic lenses and 360° swivel mounts give you a sharp, distortion-free view and allow you to see the finest details with ease. Magnifications range from 3X to 5X to 7X (larger to smaller size). These unique magnifiers are perfect for any type of fine stitching, detail work and crafts. Use combinations of magnifier, mount, and extension to clip to all types of tools. These magnifiers allow the user to focus in on the task and the object.

Carson Copiter Magnigrip

Magnigrip is a compact 4x magnifier with attached fine-point tweezer. Perfect for all those "little" jobs.

Full Page Magnifier

This Hi-power (2x), optical quality, 8 1/4" x 11" full page flat magnifier is great for enlarging small print of newspapers, contracts, dictionaries, telephone directories, maps and more! To use, hold approximately 4" away from page.

Comfort Point Basic & Comfort Point Pro

An Ergonomically Advanced Gliding Wrist/Palm Support for Mouse & Trackball. Ergonomically Supports Wrist and Palm. Adjustable for Negative and Positive Tilting. Provides Continuous Easy Gliding Support. Your Fingers and Arm Control the Mouse ...Not the Wrist! The Comfort Point Basic is perfectly suited for trackball usage, but may be used with a mouse. The Comfort Point Pro Includes a Precision-Glide Mousing Surface which is designed for movement with mouse.

Gardex Leaf Scoups

Leaf Scoops are poly discs which are worn on your hands like mittens. Tine ends allow you to totally pick up pile residue, solid panels prevent small objects (i.e. acorns) from being missed. A big favorite in Pine tree area - no needles stuck in your hands or gloves, as well as handling the messy job of picking up wet leaves in rainy climates. Like having 10 hands on each arm.

Good Grips Corn Holders

Our Corn Holders come as a set of eight, and feature strong, stainless steel pins with soft, over-sized, non-slip handles.

Hygienease Bottom Buddy

The Bottom Buddy™: is the answer to personal hygiene when reaching is difficult. A soft, flexible head grips any tissue or pre-moistened wipe securely and releases the paper with the push of a button in the easy-to-use handle. A comfortable, effective and simple solution to achieving personal cleanliness when reaching is difficult.

Yaktrax Walker

Yaktrax®, named after the Tibetan yak, are light weight ice grips worn over your regular walking shoes, winter boots, jogging or running shoes for walking on packed snow and ice in winter. Anyone who has to walk on icy pavements is at risk of slipping and falling on ice. The Yaktrax Walker is the perfect gift for the keen jogger, commuter, outdoor worker, dog owner, the elderly and indeed anyone who has to or wants or needs to walk on icy pavements as easily as they would under normal conditions. Recommended by the "American Geriatrics Society", (Volume 53, June 2005) in an article on how Yaktrax reduced the number of falls and severity of injury in a study of elderly Americans in winter conditions. The Yaktrax Walker is made out of an injection molded thermal plastic elastomer. They stretch to fit easily over almost any type of shoe. Yaktrax's exclusive SkidLock coil system, (1.4mm stainless steel coils), bites firmly into ice. Flexible and compact for easy carrying and storage. The coils are protected against rusting and hand-wound to give you 360 degrees of traction on ice and snow. When you walk in the Yaktrax Walker, every step you take places hundreds of biting edges in direct contact with the ice beneath your feet. Yaktrax can be worn in temperatures as low as -41 degrees farenheit. Yaktrax Walkers are not for technical climbing. Yaktrax Walker comes in 4 sizes including extra small to protect your children from accidents on pavements covered in ice or packed snow. For winter boots or chunky walking shoes you may need the next size up if the size is borderline. For running, jogging and regular walking shoes the size guide applies.

Utensil Hand Clips

An excellent eating aid for those who have trouble grasping and holding small utensils. This spring-action plastic clip fits the hand snugly without pinching. You simply slide the utensil into the soft vinyl sleeve so that it is securely held between the end of the clip and the sleeve.

Big Lamp Switch

Easy to see, grip, and turn. This three-lobed knob replaces small rotating knobs that can be troublesome for those with arthritis or other limitations of the hand or fingers. The three lobes create more leverage for turning lamp switch on and off. Simply unscrew the small knob and screw on the big knob.


Long Handle Shoehorn

Shoehorn, Plastic "T" handle, 20 inch

Saddlers TLC Leather Cleaner

You Can Protect And Restore Your Valuable Leather For Years To Come. One step process both cleans and restores natural oils. Wipe on Saddlers, wipe it off. The job's done. Dirty leather becomes stiff and hard because pores are plugged with dirt and grime. To properly clean leather Saddler's TLC first removes the dirt and grime from the pores, then replaces the natural oils. Frequent use of Saddler's TLC will keep your leather clean, soft, supple and resistant to water and stains. Contains no petroleum by-products to crack and dry leather. Will not leave any build-up in stitches or seams. Removes and prevents most stains. Makes leather water resistant and removes most water spots. Helps stop and prevent mold and mildew.

Scheik Platinum Gloves

With it's patent pending easy-removal fins getting your gloves off is no longer a problem. Simply grab the rugged fin extensions and pull the gloves off your hands with ease. And even better, you can throw your gloves in the washer to clean them after use! It's palm provides the perfect non-slip grip even when the gloves are wet. The special Poron padding underneath the Sure-Grip provides extreme comfort while also ensuring energy absorption and vibration reduction.

Strout Back Saver Grip

Strout's BackSaver Grip attaches to any long-handled tool to make work easier and save your back. It lessens the chance of back injuries and blisters. The back saving grip allows you to work in an upright position, not bent over. Use this ergonomically designed handle add-on with garden rakes, leaf rakes, dirt shovels, snow shovels, hoes, tree trimmers, paint extension poles, dip nets, deep sea fishing poles, swimming pool skimmers, push brooms, etc.. This add-on grip attaches to virtually any long-handled tool to turn it into a back-saving ergonomic tool. Comes in three colors.


The MagniFold represents the latest in hand-held magnifier design. Its rectangular 2.5X lens is shaped for the way you naturally view things, and a rotating handle locks into any of six different positions for the most comfortable alignment. Fold the handle flush for easy storage. The Lighted Magnifold adds a 6X bi-focal spot lens with the built-in illumination. Dimensions: Overall- 43/4" x 23/4" Lens- 31/4" x 2" Handle- 41/4" long. 6X Spot Lens-1/2" round (lighted model only).


MagniFree is a "Hands-Free", lighted, hanging 2x magnifier with a 4x bi-focal spot lens. This lighted magnifier hangs conveniently around your neck. It is perfect for all hobbies and crafts! Note: 41/2" diameter with a 1" diameter spot lens.