The 6 Best Massage Tables

Purchasing the best massage table for your needs is a big decision. There are different reasons as to why someone would want a massage table, ranging from owning a business, being a personal masseuse, or wanting / needing one at home for private use. A variety of massage tables are available on the market in varying degrees of sizes, functions and styles.

Before buying a massage table, educating yourself would be beneficial. Learn what owning a table means, how to care for a table, and what to consider when making your selection.

Considerations When Purchasing The Best Massage Table

  • What will you be using the table for; professional or private use? The style of table you choose depends on your needs. There are two types, portable and fixed. For a masseuse that will be performing house calls, a portable table is the way to go, since those need to be lightweight with constant set up. If not, a fixed, stationary use table that is heavier, stable, and more than likely not going to be continually moved around is preferable.
  • What are you willing to spend? Budgetary concerns factor in when thinking about if the massage table will be for private or business use. Professionals with a client base will expect something higher end for a top of the line massage. The durability of the massage table chosen will influence its longevity. Investigate different qualities of construction materials such as a wood or metal table, and if PVC or PU leather vinyl is used. PVC leather is softer and higher quality; PU is similar to plastic.
  • How much room do you have to store? This is where size and width come into play. Unless the table is to be displayed out at all times like, for example, in an office, spare room, or at home gym, then perhaps size is not an issue. Otherwise, storage space should be a concern.
    Height and width does not only concern where to put the massage table when it’s not in use either. For personal massage tables, a person’s own height should be considered, as the table needs to accommodate them when in a lying down position.
  • The padding of a massage table is another feature to think about. Think of the comfort level you want for yourself or for clients. When receiving a massage, a person must feel at their most comfortable otherwise it is a counterproductive exercise and not at all relaxing. You want to avoid any padding that is too lightweight or thin and flimsy. Something durable, thick, firm yet soft is preferable. You do not want to feel the wood or metal construction of the table underneath the foam when you lie down. Foam padding should measure around 2- 3 inches thick.

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Caring for a Massage Table

The maintenance and care of a massage table is important regardless if it is for private or business use.

Cleaning your table regularly after each use will help minimize the spread of germs from person to person. Using a microfiber cloth and mild soap, gently wipe down the table, ridding it of all dirt, bacteria, and the remainders of any massage oils used. Avoid scented cleansers, especially with alcohol since they are drying and put unnecessary wear and tear on massage table construction.

Tables with removable face pads, foam inserts, or warmers should also be cleaned at the end of the day.
Maintenance should be done a few times a day especially after a number of clients. Check to ensure the legs, nuts, bolts, and screws stay tightened and secure. You do not want a wobbly table that could collapse. Inspect for cracks or tears on the frame, as any damage could shorten the duration of the massage table’s use. For storage purposes, cover the table with vinyl or cloth when not in use. Make sure to fold up portable tables properly and store at room temperature to avoid warping the table.

What Types of Features do Massage Tables Have?

  • Flat top tables are ideal for massages or therapies where a person does not need their legs or head in an elevated position. Neck pillows, otherwise known as bolsters, can be used on flat tops for extra comfortability.
  • Tilt top tables are typically used in spa services like facials or other skincare treatments.
  • Salon top tables combine the features of both flat and tilt top. They are adjustable to suit the client needs and relaxation.

BestMassage Black Portable Massage Table

BestMassage Black Portable Massage Table

The BestMassage professional quality massage table is available at an economical price that won’t break the bank. A good investment for students, therapists, a startup business or for casual at home use, the BestMassage table is constructed from solid beechwood to create a lightweight, portable product. The table is covered in waterproof, oil resistant black vinyl and easy to wipe down.

The lower price point shouldn’t scare you away; the BestMassage is a high quality, secure table, comes pre-assembled so no tools are required, and once out of its packaging can be unfolded and ready for use. Set up and break down are equally effortless.

The table features removable side arm rests, removable face cradle, adjustable head rest that can be tilted up or down, and adjustable legs (from 2-3 ft) to accommodate the masseuses’ height, or the ability to climb up on top of the table. There is no neck pillow for lying face up. The face cradle, while removable, is quite loose and slides around a great deal which is uncomfortable and may distract from the massage itself. The table’s padding is made from high density foam for relaxing comfortability.

Measuring at 73” in length, a person over 6ft tall can fit easily on the table. It folds up to just over half that size, however the width is just over 2 ft at 26”, and that might not be enough room for some to get comfortable. The BestMassage table weighs 30 pounds for easy transport with a storage carrying case. The case itself is not resilient enough for regular use, however the table can fit into a backseat or trunk of a car. The maximum weight the table will hold is 450 pounds (combined from person’s weight at the pressure exerted by masseuse).

Accommodates needs for at home physical therapy treatment for herniated discs, arthritis, scoliosis, back or knee exercises, and spa treatments. Professionals such as chiropractors and acupuncturists, even tattoo artists can use the BestMassage table at the office for their clients on occasion, not frequent repeated usage.

You will get a lot of value from the purchase of the BestMassage table, regardless of its price the table is sturdy and durable.


  • Excellent price point
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Fits people with heights over 6ft tall


  • No bolster pillow
  • Face cradle slides around
  • May need to purchase storage case separately, the one that comes with purchase is flimsy

Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Massage Table

Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Massage Table

The Sierra portable massage table comes equipped with 100% cotton sheets and accessories; removable facial cradle, arm supports, armrests, semi-circle bolster, and towel hanger. The thin headrest can slide around and distract both the masseuse and recipient, and the armrests are non-adjustable.

It is made of high quality oil proof and water resistant beech hardwood. The table comes with a useful carrying bag for transport, and an oil pouch to hold containers. All accessories can be stored and secured under the table after use.

The Sierra is a good choice fiscally at its mid-price point range especially with all the extras it is included with. It is a good beginner table for therapists and new massager students to practice on, estheticians, or amateur massagers at home for occasional use, not where it will not be vigorously worked on and experience the rapid wear by a stream of clientele.

Measuring 72 x 28 x 33 inches, with 2.5” of durable foam, the Sierra can accommodate people over 6ft tall comfortably; including the headrest the table measures 81” long. The Sierra has a max weight capacity of 450 lbs (combined weight and pressure of massager and recipient), and adjustable legs of 2 – 3ft high. With wood massage tables there is always the possibility of cracking under too much pressure and weight, so keep in mind who will be using the table before purchasing.

Easily fitting regular twin sheet sets, a folded blanket can be used underneath for extra softness and comfort if needed; the foam is 2.5 inches high however that may not be enough for some people to relax properly. To prevent sliding on hard floors, add coasters under the table legs.

Those who have had eye surgery or chronic sinus sufferers must consult their physicians before using this or any lie down massage table. Prolonged use may increase sinus pressure, and laying down could damage a surgery site.

The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty from date of purchase.


  • Comes with sheets and accessories
  • Mid level price point
  • Good for beginners
  • Portable


  • Bolster is small
  • Wood may crack under too much stress and constant use
  • May need to add own extras like blankets or pillows for increased comfort

Merax Aluminum 3 Section Portable Folding Massage Table

Merax Aluminum 3 Section Portable Folding Massage Table

The Merax massage table is crafted from aluminum giving it a sturdier frame than some massages tables constructed from wood. The bed is covered in PU leather, easily cleaned, with 2 inches of high density foam padding underneath. Other models have a thicker padding, a 2” base could not be as relaxing to lay on as those. This can be remedied by using blankets under the vinyl, although padding installed already in the table would be preferable.

The table measures 73” l x 27” w x 32”h, making for uncomplicated set up and break down with no tools necessary; it arrives already assembled. The table legs are adjustable as well moving up to 3ft high. The Merax is transportable and comes with a free carrying case, however its’ just under 40lb weight may be too heavy for some to lift and move around depending on their strength capabilities.

The Merax has removable side arm rests allowing for comfortable accommodations of fuller sized clients. The table has a weight capacity of 500 lbs, the combined weight of massage recipient and masseuse. Excessive use by transporting and numerous people could wear the Merax out much sooner, making it less stable and shakier. The Reiki method of massage is the more optimal choice to practice with this table for this reason, as it is not as vigorous as Shiatsu. Shiatsu requires a great deal of pressure in order to be effective, and this could cause the table to wobble unnecessarily, producing undue wear and tear.

The headrest is adjustable or can be removed altogether for different massage options, although it can be looser than expected. The backrest can be moved to a sitting position (45 and 90 degree angles) during salon treatments such as manicures, facials, or therapies for the arms and legs.

At the lower end of the pricing scale, The Merax is ideal for professionals such as physical therapists, chiropractors, therapy students, tattoo artists, and salon techs, in addition to recreational or therapeutic at home use. It is a good backup table to have on hand. The Merax comes with adjustable headrest, hanging arm shelf, side arm extenders and durable carrying case.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Free accessories
  • Adjustable backrest


  • Weight can be heavy to carry around
  • 2” padded base
  • Constant use can wear it out faster, not for vigorous massaging

EARTHLITE Luna Portable Massage Table

EARTHLITE Luna Portable Massage Table

California based EARTHLITE, a leading manufacturer of professional massage table brand equipment who have pioneered a zero-carbon footprint production, is the Luna Portable Massage Table.

The Luna is constructed with a patented aluminum framed table, materials used in the building of aircrafts, making it one of the strongest yet lightest massage tables on the market today at under 30 lbs. This may not seem like much of a difference when many massage tables are estimated at 35 lbs, however this weight variance comes into play when the table is frequently moved around from one place to another. The lighter weight makes it exceptionally portable, and easier to carry up and down stairs. You will receive a durable nylon storage case with room for sheets and a bolster (these items are not included with the table itself) with the Luna table purchase.

The aluminum frame, coupled with adjustable “Shimmy-Lock” leg stabilizing braces and support cables, gives the Luna a staggering working weight capacity of 750 lbs and a total 3,000lb weight capacity, creating a very stable device. The extendable legs go up to 3ft high, and the full table length is just over 6ft.

Supporting Reiki and deep tissue massage styles, the Luna is a great choice for the traveling masseuse as well as in home practitioners who wish to have a professional, salon grade table.
The Luna has an EARTHLITE exclusive memory foam self- adjusting / removable face cradle and 2.5” of comfortable padded cushioning under ultra- plush upholstered PU vinyl cover available in multiple colors. The face cradle can be stored under the table with Velcro when not in use. Due to the sensitivity of the fabric, soap and water is recommended for cleaning, not those containing alcohol or acetone. Using these can void the 3- year warranty available for the upholstery. Additionally, a lifetime limited warranty is provided by the manufacturer for the table frame.

Listed at a higher price compared to other tables, the Luna is worth every penny spent considering the premium quality of its construction and definitely one of the best massage tables in the premium price range.


  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight material crafted from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Eco-conscious company
  • Warranty available


  • High price
  • No bolster

Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table with Backrest

Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table with Backrest

The Saloniture Professional Massage Table frame is constructed with a hardwood base and reinforced steel cables used in car brakes. Consequently, it is sturdy enough to support a max of up to 450 lbs., and its dimensions measure 84” long x 37” wide, accommodating those over 6ft tall comfortably. Solid, non- slip feet are at the bottom of the table legs, securing it and preventing sliding when practicing massage. The massage table is easy to assemble with no tools required.

At just over 30 pounds, the Saloniture table can be transported from client to client after folding in half and locking, within its durable, double handled nylon case. The case comes with pockets and storage to hold multiple massaging supplies.

Two-and-a-half-inch thick high density foam padding is covered in soft PU synthetic leather, which is vegan friendly for those who are concerned with animal products used in goods construction. The synthetic leather is oil and water proof, easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth and water. The adjustable headrest contains 3” of foam, and a removable cover.

The Saloniture features adjustable arm slings and armrests; the armrests are short and will not fit a whole arm in an extended position. A lumbar support cushion included; shaped in a semi-circle and can be too small for some people. Likewise, the tilting back section is low, and may take fiddling with to get it adjusted just right, however once it is as a suitable level is great for multi repositioning support therapies.

The price is good for the value, especially as a starter table such as this one, with better quality than cheaper beginner models for students or at home use; Reiki massage, tattoo parlors, and estheticians. Light, relaxation massage therapies or stretching are recommended on the Saloniture table, not deep tissue, Shiatsu or sports medicine.


  • Support cushion included
  • Non-slip feet
  • Adjustable headrest and other accessories
  • Vegan friendly upholstery


  • Heavy
  • Back rest not easy to adjust and low
  • Short armrests

EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package – Eco-Friendly Design, Deluxe Adjustable Headrest

EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package

Eco-Friendly Design, Deluxe Adjustable Headrest

This is the second EARTHLITE massage table on the list, which is no surprise. Along with being a premier name in professional massage equipment manufacturing, EARTHLITE has won awards design, in addition to customer service and environmental practices.

The Harmony is one of the best all in one massage tables and was created with professionals in mind for years of superior use. High quality North American maple wood was used in the construction of its strong base, with reinforced plywood decking and blocks designed to hold up to 600 pounds. The full sized table measures over 6ft in length, and is just under 3 ft wide, with 4” thick hand upholstered dual density padded cushioning providing added comfort. Special sheets are not needed for coverage, the Harmony will fit any regular store bought twin sized set.

Weighing 34 pounds, the Harmony can be transported via its nylon carrying case, after being easily collapsed. The Harmony also features non slip feet, non-slip hardwood legs, and sure-grip ergonomically designed knobs. The adjustable face cradle is filled with patented Cloudfill – poly blend for cushiony soft support and enjoyment. The table does not come with arm rests or a lumbar cushion, but there is storage space underneath the table for those accessories.

The Harmony is used for Reiki, spa treatments, and recreational home use. Due to its design primarily for professionals, it can be used in physical therapist offices, chiropractors, salons, and tattoo parlors, and is sturdy enough to perform Shiatsu deep tissue massage.
As professional tables go, the pricing for the Harmony is not concurrent with the quality of materials used and socio-conscious company mission; for that reason alone, it is worth the money. The Harmony, while higher monetarily than other portable massage tables on the market, should be considered a business investment, lasting for years to come.

EARTHLITE provides a lifetime limited warranty on the table frame, and a 3- year warranty on upholstery.


  • Environmentally conscious company
  • Made in USA
  • Quality and patented construction materials


  • Heavy
  • Pricey, depending on one’s budget
  • No armrests