BackSaver Grip- Add On Handle

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Get A Grip On Your Work!

Stout's BackSaver Grip® was featured on HGTV's (Home and Garden TV) 
          popular show "I Want That", airing over a dozen times. The BackSaver 
          Grip was tested in use on assorted shovels, rakes and other tools and 
          the conclusion was: I Want That! The Grip was praised for its versatility, 
          ease of use and exceptional benefits in reducing the discouraging back 
          strain that comes from working in the yard and garden and around the 
          house. Visit for more info.
BackSaver Grip- Add On Handle
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Strout's BackSaver Grip attaches to any long-handled tool to make work easier and save your back. It lessens the chance of back injuries and blisters. The back saving grip allows you to work in an upright position, not bent over. Use this ergonomically designed handle add-on with garden rakes, leaf rakes, dirt shovels, snow shovels, hoes, tree trimmers, paint extension poles, dip nets, deep sea fishing poles, swimming pool skimmers, push brooms, etc.. This add-on grip attaches to virtually any long-handled tool to turn it into a back-saving ergonomic tool. Comes in three colors.


* Patented ergonomic design.

* Significantly reduces the bending, leaning and lifting that can lead to back and shoulder strain.

* Fits any long handled tool.

* Made from tough, injection molded ABS plastic.

* All attaching hardware is zinc plated.

* Installation is quick and easy.

* Fights Blisters.

* Lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

* Made in USA.

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Back Saving Handle