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Life with Ease® was founded in 1999 hoping to help you Live life to the max in spite of your impairments or injuries. Help yourself avoid back and neck pain from work or play. Ergonomic items, magnifier, amplifiers and daily living aids to help you live with arthritis, low vision or hearing impairments.

Self care products for Fitness, Self Reliance, and more.

Life With Ease® is dedicated to improving the quality of your life.

Life with Ease® is a family owned business, competing with corporate giants. In spite of not having a huge advertising budget, our loyal customer base is growing by word of mouth. We believe this is true because we strive to personalize the online shopping experience. Our customers appreciate our sincere efforts to provide them with the products they want and need in a manner that is personal and caring. We are doing this in a world where people have grown tired of the depersonalized shopping experiences at the mega stores on and off the internet. We strive to earn the same trust in purchasing from us that they had when they shopped on Main Street at their neighbor's store. We are as loyal to our customers needs as they are to our service. Of course success means growth. We pledge to maintain our "customer first", interactive approach no matter how large our business grows.

Thank you for your continued support,

Don and Sheila Swartz

We hope you will enjoy your visit.

We pledge to provide "old fashioned" customer service in a "new fashioned" way.

 For International Order Telephone Contact 603-763-2464


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