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Rogue Wallet

Relieve Stress To Your Back While Carrying Everything You Need!

wallet.gif Rogue Wallet

" When Michael Lyons visited his local Doctor of Chiropractic with severe lower back pain, he didn't expect the advice he was given: "Lose your wallet" his chiropractor told him. The doctor explained that sitting on a solid inch of plastic, leather and paper over the years had contributed to his back problems. Skeptical at first, Lyons took his doctor's advice. After a week of sitting without a wallet in his back pocket, his lower back pain disappeared. But then a new problem arose - he still needed a way to carry his license, currency and business cards around. Lyons looked at the wallets currently available and didn't like any of them. So he made one of his own. After reviewing some 200 wallet patents, Lyons realized that every design was based on a traditional rectangular or square shape. He decided to try something else, and after testing various materials and different angles, he developed an ultra-thin, curved design that matched the contour of a pant's front pocket. Lyons took his "front-pocket wallet" prototype back to his chiropractor for advice. Lyons knew he had hit upon something big when his doctor immediately ordered a large number of wallets to sell to his clients. From this inspiration started the Rogue Wallet.


The Rogue Wallet has the capacity to hold everything you need: license, dollar bills, business cards, metro cards and other plastic. The design opens up at the top (the portion with the curved edge) like a standard billfold and allows the user to place money and receipts as required in a lined pocket. There are three slots for credit cards--and underneath the credit card slots there is another hidden pocket in which you can store an additional 5-6 cards! Many customers now carry a dozen cards in their wallets, because there is space underneath the ID holder as well. To some extent however, this starts to defeat the essence of the slim design if too many cards are stored within the wallet. This Open Brown Wallet Shows The 3 Credit Card Slots And The ID Thumb Slide Opening. The Benefits: By not sitting on your wallet you may derease the chance of low back pain and/or sciatica! Thinner (1/4") means lighter, so it's hardly noticeable. Should help to deter pick pockets. The Features: Designed to fit into one's front pocket, it stops you from sitting on your thick old wallet. Made of full grain leather. Detailed stitching, overturned edging - this wallet will endure well. Available in black or brown. Dimensions are 5.25" x 3.5" (closed); 10.5" x 3.5" (open). Super thin (1/4"). Lightweight. Large, lined main pocket for money receipts etc.. Three slots for credit cards. Large hidden pocket under credit card slots, can hold many more cards. The ID section has a thumb slide feature (oval opening in plastic) for easy use. Available in dark brown or black.


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