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You Can Benefit From Moist Heat Without Adding Water!


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TheraBeads consist of tiny hydroscopic beads mixed with a special proprietary fluid that enhances their ability to capture moisture. They are sewn into fabric of various shapes and sizes for moist heat application. When heated in a microwave oven, TheraBeads release their retained moisture, providing pain relieving therapeutic moist heat. After treatment, the amazing TheraBeads rejuvinate themselves by recovering moisture from ambient air. Because of this phenomenon, TheraBeads, with proper care, can be used indefinitely. These incredible pads deliver comforting moist heat therapy for muscle aches, arthritis pains,sinus headaches and tension. They relieve pain and promote healing naturally without any medication. TheraBeads conform to any contour for a soft, snug fit.

Choose From:

The 9''x12'' TheraBeads Standard Pack

The 5''x12'' TheraBeads Half Pack 

The 6.5"x22" TheraBeads NeckCollar

The 6"x9" Sinus Pack

Use the Standard for general application, Use the Half Pack for smaller joints like ankles, wrists, elbows hands or knees. Use the NeckCollar for neck pain. Great for easing the pain of arthritis. The Standard, Half Pack and NeckCollar packs come with removable, washable, blue covers.