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TheraBath TB6 Professional Paraffin Bath

Fast, Safe, Effective, and Drug-Free Pain Relief!

therabath.jpg Therabath TB6 Paraffin Bath
TheraBath Boots Pair (2)
Therabath Mitts Pair (2).
Therabath Wax Refills(6)
Therabath TB6 Paraffin Bath- Wiring for English Electrical System- Special Order- Non-refundable Special Order

Used in Hospitals, Clinics, and in the Home to Relieve the Pain of Arthritis, Inflammation, Joint Stiffness, and Sports Injuries. Medical professionals turn to warm paraffin therapy for many reasons. Helping to increase ranges of motion, soothe arthritis pain, deeply moisturize over dry skin, facilitate exercise warm-ups, and more. With its heavy-duty, hospital-grade construction and materials, the brand recommended more than any other is the Therabath TB6 Professional Grade Paraffin Bath. To use, just dip the affected area hands, elbows, or feet in and out of the bath of warm, soothing Theraffin . Penetrating heat soaks deep to relieve the pain in stiff joints and aching muscles. After about 15 minutes, the Theraffin can be easily removed. Therabath TB6 has a deep tank and rounded ends to allow complete comfortable immersion. Long-life heating elements cover both bottom and sides for even heating. Precise thermostat keeps the bath at 121 degrees F to 130 degrees F. Inside and outside surfaces remain cool to touch when in use. The Therabath TB6 unit is portable with built in handles to take anywhere. Dimensions are: Inside of bath (approximate) 13"x6"x5"; outside (approximate) 14"x8"x7". There is an included lid for storage. The total weight when filled is 15 lbs.. The unit utillizes 100-125 Volts, 1.0-1.25Amps, and is UL listed. There is a lifetime mfg. warranty. Not all paraffin is alike! Therabath TB6 Therapeutic Paraffin has all the qualities that make paraffin heat therapy effective and easy to use. It is a clean (triple-filtered), highly refined, medical-grade paraffin. It is specially blended for softness and ease of application.Your Therabath TB6 includes a 6-pound supply of high quality therapeutic paraffin (your choice of Orange Velvet, Lavender Harmony, Scent free, Fresh MelonBurst, Peach & Wintergreen). Additional scent-free theraffin may be purchased separately. You can prolong the heat provided by the Therabath TB6 by covering your treated hand or foot with a plastic liner and then slipping on a Thinsulate-lined mitt or boot. These optional accessories are available in the purchasing box to the left. The mitts and boots are machine washable, cotton terry . The Therabath TB6 is made in the USA and manufactured under strict quality control procedures. Each unit is individually tested before it leaves the factory. Therabath TB6 Professional Grade Paraffin Bath Penetrating heat quickly soothes pain and stiffness due to arthritis, joint stiffness, and inflammation, relaxes muscles and leaves skin soft and smooth. Works best on hands, feet and elbows. Unsurpassed lifetime guarantee (US & Canada only). Made to professional healthcare standards. Worry-free, automatic temperature control - maintains a safe temperature. Fully insulated - for maximum energy savings. CUL-Listed - meets UL and CSA standards to assure safety. Made in USA since 1962. Includes 6 lbs. of paraffin (your choice of Orange Velvet, Lavender Harmony, Scent free, Fresh MelonBurst, Peach & Wintergreen).

TherabathPRO- Refill Paraffin:
Made from pure food-grade paraffin.

Available in pure ScentFree™, Orange Velvet, Lavender Harmony, Fresh MelonBurst, Peach or Wintergreen paraffin.

Crystal clear when melted for purity.

Soft pliable non-greasy.

Heavyweight plush terry velour mitts and boots: Insulated with Thinsulate® insulation.

Easy Velcro closure.

Conveniently sized.

Machine washable.

Mitt or Boot Kits include two plush terry mitts or boots.

Therabath Replacement Liners Replacement liners available in packages of 100.


The Therabath is Easy to Use: Set up the Therabath TB6 in a convenient place, and plug it in. Allow the paraffin to melt overnight. (Keep the Therabath plugged in all the time to keep the paraffin warm and ready to use.) For fast, effective relief, just dip the affected area in and out of the bath about five times, building up several layers of warm, soothing Therabath TB6 Therapeutic Paraffin. If desired, after building up a heavy coating, cover the dipped area with a convenient Easy Tear-Off plastic liner, and then slip on a special Thinsulate® lined mitt or boot. The mitt or boot will prolong the warmth for maximum benefit. The penetrating heat soaks deep to relieve pain in stiff joints and aching muscles. (Mitts and Boots are available separately.) After about fifteen minutes, joint and muscle pain is soothed, and the Theraffin can be easily removed. Also, the skin is soft and healthy looking. Repeat the process if desired.