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Fist Grip, Easi Grip Ergonomic Garden Tools

The Natural Way To Hold A Tool.

pgtw.jpg Fist Grip Weeder
easy grip cultivator Fist Grip Cultivator
easy grip trowel Fist Grip Trowel
easy grip fork Fist Grip Fork
arm support Fist Grip Arm Support
add on handles Fist Grip Add-on Handles
pgtset.jpg Fist Grip- Three Pack- Trowel, Cultivator, Weeder
Fist Grip Long Reach 4 Pack
FistGrip 4 Pack- Trowel, Weeder, Fork. Cultivator

Fist Grip Tools Are Easy To Use Because:

* The unique handle design helps prevent injury to the hand and wrist, with a 'Natural Grip'.

* All metal parts are made of 100% stainless steel. The advantage of stainless steel is that it does not rust, and slides easily through soil.

* Each Fist Grip tool weighs about one half pound. Carrying and using a heavier tool, no matter how well made, reduces your gardening efficiency.

* Color: the bright yellow/green handles let you find a tool that you have put down in your garden, or tool shed. Yellow was selected as a 'not natural' color that will stand out.

* Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.

Add On Handles:

* Attach to your other tools for maximun comfort

* Use on hoes, rakes, mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners, and more.

* Less bending and twisting of your upper body with these handles.

* Use two handles on a long shaft tool for most comfort. handles

The Arm Support:

* Use on all of the above tools to provide greater leverage and stability.

* Attach in to any Fist Grip tool or handle.

* Add the strength in your arm to that of your fist grip.

* Reduce pressure on your hand and wrist.

* Move the Arm Support from one tool to another.