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Leveron Door Knob Turner

Convert Door Knobs Into Easy Lever Action!


No More Available Unless We Receive Returns- Sorry :(


These are ideal for anyone who has arthritis or weak hands, or for someone who simply wants the convenience of a lever door handle (i.e. easier opening with your arms full of grocery bags etc.). Leveron converts almost every existing door knob to lever action. One size fits all. It is easy to install and comes with a unique custom installation wrench (this unique wrench provides added security against theft). The Leveron lever adapter is made of a high density, light weight, very durable thermoplastic. Unlike metal adapters it is warm to the touch, and will not peel or rust. Put this lever in a vice..twist it...bang it with a hammer. You'll find it resilient and tough. It will not tarnish, cleans easily, and is unaffected by industrial solvents. It is unaffected by extreme weather conditions from -100 F to its melting point of 250 F, as well as the damaging effects of salt air. The turner is available in silver, almond and antique brass models. The turner knob is 2 5/8" (6.7cm) diameter and the handle is 4" (10cm) long. Available in silver, dark bronze and antique brass.






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