Ergonomic Ratchet Action Pruner

A Little Ergonomic Design Can Make Pruning Woody Stems Easier!

Aluminum Ratchet Pruner


* Advanced cutting mechanism allows for less effort (see directions for use below).

* Handles made from heavy-duty aluminum alloy.

* High carbon steel non-stick blades.

* 1" Cutting Capacity.

* Knuckle Guard for added safety.

* 10 year Manufacturer warranty. How To Use:

* Place stem deeply into jaws and squeeze handles until blade stops.

* Release handles slightly until you hear the ratchet click once.

* Continue squeezing and releasing until stem is cut through.

* Clean cut should be made 1/4" above the bud.

* Tilt pruners in the same direction the bud is growing and always cut at a 45° angle.