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Bagel Guillotine and Bagel Butler

Slice Your Bagel Safely With Ease!

The BAGEL GUILLOTINE® is the Fast, Safe and Easy way to slice bagels. Cuts sustained while cutting bagels are one of the major reasons for Emergency Room visits. The BAGEL GUILLOTINE has a cradle that holds the bagel while two clear acrylic safety shields keep fingers away from the patented bagel piercing blade. Slicing a bagel is fast (people are known to have sliced as many as 24 bagels in a minute) and easy. Just lift the handle (which includes the blade and safety shields). Place a bagel in the cradle. Place the blade handle unit over the cradle and push down with a rapid motion. Voila! Remove the perfectly sliced bagel. XYLAN® coated blade for smooth slicing and durability. The BAGEL GUILLOTINE will slice one-handed and has received the AMERICAN SOCIETY ON AGING-SILVER AWARD. It doesn't get any faster, safer or easier. Engineered For Safety & Performance:

* Durable solid frame.

* Comfortable grip.

* High-carbon stainless steel blade.

* Clear Acrylic safety shields protect fingers.

* Precision ground serrated cutting-edge.

* Solid brass cutlery rivets.

* Triangular bottom shelf centers large or small bagels.

* Access slot for easy bagel removal.

* Top-shelf dishwasher safe.

* Wide base for stability.

* Non-stick coated blade for easy slice & easy clean.